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Precautions Before And After Installation Of Street Lamps

01. 02, 2019

There are still many things that Modular LED Street Light Supplier need to pay attention to during the installation of the street lamp. Below we will pay attention to the installation of the street lamp, please pay attention to the details of the installation before and after installation, and let us know the installation of the high pole street lamp.

Precautions for installing street lights before installation

Before installing the LED Street Light, we first need to be familiar with the drawings, specify the requirements, and prepare the materials and tools. Then check that the mechanical parts are in good condition. For example, whether the joint bolts of each component are firmly combined, whether the bearings are lubricated, etc., the worn parts should be replaced in time. Check that the grounding system of the motor is secure. If the corrosion is serious, remove the rust. Carefully check the lock of the wire rope. There should be no defects such as broken ends and loose sleeves. The wire rope itself should not have any bias, loose strands, broken wires, hard marks, dents, rust and obvious wear. Pay special attention to this. A stringer and a wire rope clip. Finally, check the limit switch and check whether the power cable is under pressure, pinch, damage, etc. before you can install the street lamp.

Note on the installation of street lamps

After the installation of the street lamp, it is necessary to ensure the completion of the maintenance work, and make a record of the operation of important equipment such as the motor. The parts with changes in maintenance shall be recorded and modified in time to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information. Carefully analyze people's psychological feelings, so that the choice and arrangement of light source and illuminator can better meet the basic physiological and psychological requirements of people, and finally prevent the loss of coordination between people and the light environment.

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